Audrey Warren

Audrey is a Cacao Ceremonialist with a playful presence.

She has been working with the medicine of Cacao for 5 years.

She believes wholeheartedly in its power to support great healing of each

individual heart and the collective.


Audrey left Australia in 2014 to embark on her own deep healing; in search of answers to

her health troubles - namely her anxiety. What she found was a beautiful teacher and guide

in the form of Chocolate as well as an incredible mentor in the form of Keith Wilson who is renowned for his work with Cacao.

In 2014 Audrey began “studying”, or ultimately “un-learning”, with Keith on his porch in Guatemala where he runs regular Cacao Ceremonies.

She has since sat in about 150 ceremonies over four years and feels much gratitude for the healing she has gone through and continues to receive through this connection.


Her journey has also involved exploration of the self through yoga, tantra, dance, self-expression and healthy communication and her two current obsessions; the wisdom of the Mayans and breathwork.


In 2017 Audrey began working with and translating ceremonies for Nana Marina Cruz, a

Mayan Daykeeper or spiritual guide. This relationship opened her up to incredible experiences and connection to the Mayan spiritual ways, the sacred calendar and the fire.

Audrey continues to work with other Mayan wisdom keepers such as Tata Walter Quiacain and is honoured to have received the blessings to work with Cacao in Ceremony from this community.


Audrey returned to Melbourne, Australia in order to share Cacao in her home country.

Her passion and connection to this plant is obvious in her offerings and the emergence of Love Bean Cacao has been a natural progression