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Audrey has spent the last 5 years

traveling and learning with and from the Cacao plant and other teachers.


She is excited to be back in her home city Melbourne to share Cacao in ceremony, ritual, dance and other creations.

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to have her host a ceremony

in your space or co-create

with this medicine.

Chocolate  Medicine

Cacao is a beautiful and powerful

plant medicine that is used by the

indigenous peoples of Central and

South America. Used still particularly by the Mayan communities of Mexico and Guatemala.

Different to the chocolate

most of us are accustomed to,

Cacao is used as a potent beverage

in ceremony for healing, heart-opening

and connecting more with

who we truly are. 

"Audrey created a beautiful ritual for all of us at the ceremony. She tied us into theland and the area around us in the words that she spoke which aligned perfectly with intuitive messages that I had received from the land as well. During the dance that followed I cried more than ever whilst moving; a testament to my heart being fully open!"

—  Liv


100% Guatemalan Cacao


Love Bean Cacao sources their chocolate from Ruk'u'x'Ulew, Guatemala.


Ruk'u'x'Ulew is an indigenous women's collective in San Marcos la Laguna, Lake Atitlan.