A facilitator training

Discover your way of working with this sacred plant

Cacao is here to share and to be shared.


Cacao is here to invite a remembering and a healing, to bring humans deeply into connection with the magic, wisdom and beauty of their hearts.


Cacao is medicine, and serving medicine deserves respect, depth and presence in how we connect and understand it.


Our planet needs more hearts opening, more sacred time and space and more moments to connect with our divine nature.

Cacao serves as a potent bridge for this. Is Cacao calling you to be a part of this message of love? Of inviting people into a space where they can be with themselves and what arises.


This course has been designed to support your journey to offering Cacao.  Whether in ceremony or alongside another modality. 

It is not a "how-to" but rather a discovery of your own way whilst also understanding the lineage that came before and the origin of this plant, her history and just how powerful she can be.


We are here to support, guide and share, and offer the knowledge we have gained from many years working with this medicine.

This course will equip you with the practical knowledge about Cacao, will cover origins and history and how to serve with respect. We will look at the shadows to be faced in your self, what to consider when holding space as well as discussing cultural appropriation and how to respect this plant. Before this course is over you will facilitate a Cacao offering for your community.

Sharing Cacao is an online live training, we meet weekly via Zoom on Tuesdays* from 6:30PM - 8:30PM (AEDT).

*Week 4 & 7 additional Saturday morning session

*Week 6 there is no group meeting but a 1-1 instead

This training is done with a community focus, we share our journeys together in a whatsapp group and the learning happens in action.

There is no script and no workbook. 

The training is led by Audrey Warren, founder of Love Bean Cacao with guest teacher Tata Walter Quicain 

Participation is by Application only. 

Upon acceptance you will be contacted with next steps for payment.


MAR 30

Week 1: Understanding the Medicine

Cacao from Plant - to - cup.

Preparing Cacao for Ceremony.


What makes it Cacao? ceremonial

Working with the energy.

History of Cacao

APR 20

Week 4: Cacao Ceremony

A week to integrate and receive from the medicine


Week 2: Your Relationship: Your Journey

Your personal relationship with Cacao, your journey, your gifts, what has called you to sharing Cacao? What you can offer.

APR 27

Week 5: Space Holding & Ceremony Creation

Creating sacred space

Sharing a blessing

Holding the energy

Guiding meditation

Elements to consider

APR 13 + 17

Week 3: Acknowledging Origin

Learning the connection to the Mayan culture.

Mythology & tradition.

Cultural Appropriation & respecting the medicine and her origins.

Mayan Calendar Introduction.

APR 27 - MAY 9 

Week 6: 1 -1 session with Audrey

A 1-1 session with Audrey to discuss how you want to work and how you will share Cacao

MAY 11 & 16

Week 7: Sharing your Offering & Closing Circle

Design & deliver a Cacao Circle in your community.

& Closing Ceremony



Cacao has been a part of my spiritual journey since 2014 when I first landed in Guatemala and began working with the medicine.


It was a time of unraveling, meeting shadows and releasing conditioning and beliefs that kept me trapped in a deep battle with anxiety. Working with this medicine has changed my life profoundly.


In 2016 I began to share Cacao with friends, and in 2017 in New York I co-owned and operated a Cacao Studio. In the same year in Guatemala I began working with Mayan Daykeepers (elders & spiritual guides) and connecting with their culture and traditions, translating fire ceremonies, Cacao ceremonies and healing sessions from Spanish to English. 


I am here to guide, I’ve been blessed to learn from incredible teachers and Cacao is here to be shared. Honouring and respecting its origin and ensuring people have a deep understanding of this medicine and how to serve with gratitude and in alignment is deeply important to me.

Read more about Audrey here.


Guest Teacher - Week 4 - Acknolwedging Origin.

Tata Walter will be joining us from San Marcos la Laguna, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Walter is a Mayan Kakchikel man from San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala. He is a trained Daykeeper who works with Cacao, the Mayan Calendar and the sacred fire connecting with his ancestors and the spirits of the land.


Who is it for?


Someone who is feeling a heart that is ready (or that is readying) to share the medicine of Cacao.


Someone already working with the plant personally, building a connection, and feeling a resonance, a calling that is simultaneously joyful and a little bit daunting.


Someone either wishing to interweave Cacao with another offering (yoga, dance, circle-work) or focus on holding ceremonial space. 


Someone who understands this medicine is powerful, potent and deep and who wishes to respect the plant, learn from her and honour her spirit in how you share.


Who is it not for?

Someone who wants to be spoon-fed or hand-held through something. Who wants to be given a "how-to" guide or a formula.

Someone who is unwilling to do their own personal spiritual work.  Explore shadow, privilege and intent for working with Cacao.

Someone who doesn't know why they want to share this medicine.

Audrey Samples0K8A2771.jpg


I'm so grateful to Audrey for sharing this wonderful medicine with the world. She has such a special way of sharing, of guiding and of holding space. If you're looking for deeper knowledge and connection with cacao, I would highly recommend working with her.

- Eliza

Learning from Audrey has been a magical experience.  After our first few sessions together, I was feeling confident  about sharing cacao in ceremonies and circles with friends. 

The structure of the classes allows for flow and lots of space for questions that may arise. 

Audrey has been a true ally and guide to me as I deepen my connection and understanding with this plant medicine.


There are many people working with cacao but there is something special about Audrey. She imparts the wisdom of traditional Mayan culture and the medicine of cacao in a way that only someone who has worked intimately, devotedly, with this medicine can do. It feels like a pure transmission of love. She is the medicine of cacao embodied in human form.

- Sophia


9 live zoom calls

Whatsapp group for sharing, ongoing reflection and support.

Cacao 101 - online course


A week on Mayan tradition with Tata Walter Quiacain joining us from Guatemala.

A 1-1 with Audrey to refine how you want to share Cacao.

Practical approach; by the end of the course you will have facilitated a Cacao offering.

Early Bird:


Ful Price


Deposit of $250 to secure a place.

Payment plans available on request.

This price is introductory and for subsequent rounds the price will increase.