How I healed with Chocolate - The Beginning

Updated: Jan 14

In 2014 I had spent 2 years basically unable to breathe every, single, day. Along with severe chest pains this was how my “anxiety” manifested itself. Whilst I wasn’t outwardly anxious; rather a very confident extroverted over-achiever, I had been struggling internally for a long time. Having pushed myself to complete a Masters, whilst working part-time and volunteering I was at a loss. I’d been seeing doctors, psychologists, naturopaths having acupuncture and so on. A healing holiday to Myanmar and Bali for a yoga retreat helped for a time, but once back in the city I just fell back into old habits. I couldn’t seem to shake it. But in this desperation I found myself facing what I needed to push me further onto the path of my healing.

With no plan but to follow my feet and heart I left Melbourne as fully as I could. A one way ticket to get to the bottom of my woes. After 4 months in North Carolina reuniting with a love from my teen years (a story for another time) I left to Guatemala with my fluent Spanish and the knowing that there was a strong yogi and spiritual community in Central America. I arrived at Lake Atitlan and wound up enrolling in the Moon Course, a one month meditation and esoteric studies course that runs from one full moon to the next.

This was a calm peaceful base that I could settle into as we meditated each morning and afternoon. And it was in this month that I ended up attending my first “Cacao Ceremony” at the home of Keith Wilson. Keith welcomes people onto his porch twice a week to share the magic of Cacao. He has been a huge driver in the rise and return in popularity of chocolate in this form. Guiding hundreds of people into their pain body with the support of chocolate.

To be continued....